[TRIDGE Trend Analysis: June W3] - Pakistan’s beef industry is getting ready to open the door for export

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TRIDGE’s Weekly Trend Analysis tracks patterns in traffic behavior, giving insight into notable events in the agricultural industry weekly. According to data from Week 1 of June, beef has been one of the top 5 products that Pakistani users visit and the traffic has shown a continuous increase and anomaly in the last week

*MA7: 7-day (Monday to Sunday) moving average.

*Upper bound / Lower bound: (+)(-) 3 standard deviations from the moving average.

*Anomaly: Traffic points that go beyond the upper / lower bound

Pakistan is the second-largest buffalo meat producer in the global market, and cattle meat production is ranked 10th as well. In Pakistan, cattle and water buffalos are reared in huge bovine herds particularly for milk production and slaughtered for meat once they become unproductive. The majority of the slaughtered meat is consumed within the country due to strong domestic demand. Despite high domestic demand, Pakistan’s bovine meat exports have been on an upward trend for the last decade. The exports increased from 24.8 thousand tonnes in 2011 to 62.7 thousand tonnes in 2020, increasing about 152.8%.

Source: ITC Trade Map.HS Code: 201

The United Arab Emirates was the main destination for beef exports from Pakistan, accounting for a 43.42% share of the total value of bovine meat exports during 2020. The second major destination, Kuwait, had a share of 16.23%, followed by Saudi Arabia (13.14%), and Afganistan (10.27%). Recently, China allowed meat imports from a Pakistani firm after a heat treatment process to remove the foot and mouth disease virus from beef meat. Getting access to China’s market is a victory for Pakistan as it is one of the largest meat markets in the world and imports large quantities of meat.

Source: Tridge.

Pakistan has one of the lowest prices of beef globally and a large capacity to process and produce more in the future. With a global lean meat shortage, Pakistan can bag this opportunity and increase its exports to the rest of the world. Moreover, with China establishing its first heat treatment facility to remove the FMD virus in the meat, all eyes are on the beef industry of Pakistan and how they will expand this opportunity to tap other countries with high demand. Pakistan’s beef industry is getting ready to produce certified and FMD free bovine meat by undertaking a widespread vaccination program. As a result, it is expected that the country will move from the World Organization for Animal Health’s Stage-2 category for countries to Stage-3, which will positively impact Pakistan's beef exports.

Pakistan is one of the prominent countries which can develop a market in the global beef market for Halal red meat market. Given the country's religious framework, it has a great potential to contribute to the fulfillment of Halal meat, including beef and mutton, at the global level. However, to compete in the international market and tap markets like China, Japan, the USA, and South Korea, Pakistan needs to comply with the importing countries’ quality standards and phytosanitary standards.


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