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W40: Jackfruit Update

Market & Price Trends
Published Oct 13, 2023

In W40 in the jackfruit landscape, the price of Thai jackfruit in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, experienced a decrease of USD 0.082 per kilogram (kg) on October 3 compared to the previous day. Over the past week, Thai jackfruit prices have consistently declined, aligning with traders' and granaries' predictions. In Tiền Giang, Nhat jackfruit was priced at USD 0.94/kg (VND 23,000/kg), large Kem jackfruit at USD 0.86/kg (VND 21,000/kg), and small Kem jackfruit at USD 0.45/kg (VND 11,000/kg). On the other hand, red-fleshed jackfruit was priced at USD 3.28/kg for fruit weighing 9kg or more, USD 2.87/kg for fruit weighing 7kg or more, and USD 2.46/kg for fruit weighing 4kg or more.

The high price of red-fleshed jackfruit has also led to elevated seedling prices. In Bến Tre and Tiền Giang provinces, red-fleshed jackfruit seedlings are sold for USD 1.43 to 2.05 per tree, while Thai jackfruit seedlings, considered of similar quality, are priced at only USD 1.23 per tree. Due to the high market demand for red-fleshed jackfruit, many seedling production establishments are focusing on cultivating and selling this type of seedling.

On Thursday, October 5, the price of Thai jackfruit in Vietnam's Mekong Delta increased by USD 0.041/kg. In Tiền Giang, Nhat jackfruit was priced at USD 0.98/kg, large Kem jackfruit at USD 0.90/kg, and small Kem jackfruit at USD 0.49/kg. Farmers in Tien Giang, Dong Thap, and Vinh Long provinces have noticed an increase in Thai jackfruit prices over the past few months, sometimes exceeding USD 1.64/kg.

In early 2023, China reopened its borders after imposing trade restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This move led to an increase in the import of various fruits from Vietnam, including bananas, jackfruit, dragon fruit, and watermelon. The United States (US), South Korea, and Japan also ramped up their imports of Vietnamese fruit and vegetable products. Notably, dragon fruit, mango, jackfruit, and banana emerged as the top four exported fruits, making up approximately 85% of Vietnam's fresh fruit exports.

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