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W52 Strawberry Update: Egypt and South Korea Adopt Techniques to Empower the Strawberry Industry

Fresh Strawberry
South Korea
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Published Jan 5, 2024

Workshop Focuses on Safe and Export-Ready Strawberry Production In Egypt

In Egypt, the Pesticide Residues and Heavy Metals in Food Laboratory and Crop Life Egypt in Ismailia governorate organized a workshop focused on enhancing strawberry production. The director of the pesticide residues laboratory, and other officials aimed to empower producers and exporters to meet foreign market requirements for safe food. The initiative seeks to improve capabilities, ensuring local production aligns with international export standards, fostering a more robust and compliant fresh strawberry industry in Ismailia governorate.

Korea's Strawberry Industry Adopts Innovative Techniques for Enhanced Yields and Diversity

Korea's, the rural development administration revealed insights into strawberry industry, grappling with a 4.6% year-on-year (YoY) decrease in cultivation since 2010, now at 5,745 hectares (ha). Weather challenges resulted in a 20.6% YoY drop in production to 151 thousand mt on average. To address this, the administration executed projects promoting diverse strawberry varieties and cutting seedling technology across 27 regions. The Strawberry Variety Diversification initiative showcased a 6.1% YoY income increase, satisfying 85.4% of participating farms. The Cutting Seedling Mass Propagation project, operational in 16 farms, recorded an 8.8% YoY yield increase and 19.7% YoY income surge. Future plans involve integrating project outcomes into 2024 initiatives, emphasizing technology dissemination to counter labor shortages and meet field requirements.

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