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Spain - Fresh Bell Pepper

1.92 ~
EUR / KG, August 15, 2022

Current Offer Base Prices

Green / Carton Box
1.92 / -
Yellow / GG (90-110 mm)
1.95 / -

Available Specifications:

Color: Green, Yellow
Grade: Extra
Packaging Type: Carton Box
Processed Style: Fresh
Cultivation Type: Conventional
Incoterms: EXW
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A quote is requested by a buyer from United Kingdom. (3000 kg)
Mar 13, 2022

Our Fresh Bell Pepper from Spain

Spain, the largest exporter of bell pepper in Europe, produces large varieties of bell pepper, including california, laruyo, padron, romesco, italian, etc., all year round because of their structured and innovative practices that produce bell pepper outdoors and indoors in greenhouses. The best period for Spanish best pepper to consume is from October to June, and the main producing region is in Southern Spain, including Andalucía, Murcia and Alicante.
Spanish bell pepper is tasty, either bitter or spicy depending on the variety, and can be eaten in multiple ways, and it's an excellent way to be healthy and enjoy your meal.
Tridge has former partnership with suppliers who can ensure the quality and freshness of Spanish bell pepper and are continuously seeking for innovative practices and methods of developing new varieties and ensuring high standards of them.
Spain Fresh Bell Pepper - 1.jpg


Bell Pepper
Form & Cut
Processed Style
8Kg Carton Box

Our Process and Product


Spain Fresh Bell Pepper - IMG_9790_2.jpg
Spain Fresh Bell Pepper - IMG_9791_2_3.jpg



Spain Fresh Bell Pepper - IMG_9773_2_4.jpg
Spain Fresh Bell Pepper - IMG_9800_3.jpg
Spain Fresh Bell Pepper - 6F_2.png
Spain Fresh Bell Pepper - 5F_2.png

Final Product

Spain Fresh Bell Pepper - 8F_1.jpg
Spain Fresh Bell Pepper - 9F.jpg


Spain Fresh Bell Pepper - Certifications_44.jpg

Top 5 Export Markets

Spain Fresh Bell Pepper - Export_42.jpg

Our Representative in Spain

Harrison Ro

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