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Thailand - Cassava Starch is currently not available.

Thailand - Cassava Starch

HS Code:
110814 - Starch; manioc (cassava)
$485 ~
USD / MT, March 27, 2023

Current Offer Base Prices

Natural Tapioca Starch, 85% min. starch content, white
$485 / -
380 MT Cassava Starch From Thailand
$548.82 / -
500 MT Cassava Starch From Thailand
$589 / -

Available Specifications:

Color: White
Cultivation Type: Conventional
Incoterms: FOB, CFR, CIF
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Latest Updates:
A quote is requested by a buyer. (100 metric ton)
Nov 15, 2022

Our Cassava Starch from Thailand

Discover high-quality cassava starch sourced from Thailand.

Cassava starch, commonly known as tapioca, is extracted from the roots of cassava plants. The third-largest producer of cassava is Thailand, but a vast majority of the root is processed, making Thailand the world's largest producer of tapioca starch, with a capacity of over 2 million MT per year. Thailand is also the world's leading exporter of cassava starch with a share of 56%. One of the largest suppliers in Thailand, our supplier provides high quality Thai cassava starch at competitive prices.
Thailand Cassava Starch - Thailand_Cassava_Starch.jpg


White powder
85% min
90% min
PH Level
5 - 7
50kg Bag or 850kg Bulk Bag
1. GAP
2. GMP
3. BAP
5. BRC
6. IFS
7. ISO


50kg bags loaded into container

Thailand Cassava Starch - Cassava_Starch_50kg_Packaging33.jpeg

850kg bulk bag

Thailand Cassava Starch - Cassava_Starch.jpeg


Thailand Cassava Starch - Delivery.png
Thailand Cassava Starch - Cassava_Starch_850kg_Packaging2.jpeg

Certificate of Analysis

Thailand Cassava Starch - %EA%B7%B8%EB%A6%BC2.png

Recent Trends in Cassava Starch from Thailand

In recent years, the cassava mosaic virus has affected about 11.2K ha of farmers' produce across 18 provinces in Thailand, which has impacted the production of cassava starch in the country. It is expected that Thailand's overall production would be well below the usual annual output of 28 - 30M MT.
Thailand Cassava Starch - Dock_2.jpeg
Thailand Cassava Starch - Tapioca_Exports_2.png

Food and Beverage Applications

Cassava starch has a neutral flavor and strong gelling power, which makes it an effective thickening agent in the food and beverage industry. Cassava starch is a non-gluten, non-GMO, and non-allergenic ingredient that is commonly used in gluten-free products because it helps lighten the texture and maintain moisture in the absence of gluten.

• Bakery Products: Cassava starch is used in sweetened as well as unsweetened confectionaries as thickeners and gelling agents. It is also used for foam strengthening, and film foaming and glazing.
• Thickeners: Cassava starch adds body to soups, sauces, and gravies. It generally costs less and has more thickening power than flour and other thickeners.
• Tapioca Pearls: Tapioca pudding and bubble tea are made with pearled tapioca, small balls of cassava starch that turn into a chewy, gummy ball when cooked.


Thailand Cassava Starch - Certifications_17.jpg

Top 5 Export Markets

Thailand Cassava Starch - Export_-_2022-01-12T160810.330.jpg

Our Representative in Thailand

Natthaya Dissayasakda
Natthaya is the multi-lingual business graduated professional highly proficient in international trade and marketing. She has an extensive knowledge of international sales and trading and distinctly experiences in seafood and agricultural business specially in international markets. With her entrepreneurial spirit and vast network, your inquiry is in good hand.
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