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Turkiye - Dried Apricot

HS Code:
081310 - Fruit, edible; apricots, dried
$5.36 ~
USD / KG, March 20, 2023

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Variety: Turkish Apricot
Processed Style: Dried Apricot, Sun Dried
Incoterms: FOB
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A quote is requested by a buyer from Germany. (20 metric ton)
Feb 3, 2023

Product Description

Turkey is a major producer and exporter of high-quality dried apricots. The country produces various varieties of dried apricots, including Malatya, Hacıhaliloğlu, Bursa Black, and Kabaaşı, which are harvested from June to August, with the peak harvest time being in July. The drying process can take several days, and there are two types of dried apricots produced in Turkey: sun-dried and sulphurous. Turkish dried apricots are known for their unique flavor and high nutritional value, with high fiber, potassium, and vitamins A and C.

Turkish dried apricot suppliers have large plantation fields, modern production facilities, and strict quality control processes, allowing them to control the quality of the apricots from cultivation to processing. They have modern production facilities that use the latest technology and equipment to ensure quality and safety. They also have strict quality control processes to ensure that only the best quality apricots are selected and processed to meet the highest quality standards.

Consumers can enjoy the unique flavors and textures of Turkish dried apricots, knowing they are getting a top-quality product free from additives and preservatives. The availability of sun-dried and sulphurous apricots provides options for consumers with different preferences. The large plantation fields and modern production facilities of Turkish dried apricot suppliers ensure that the product is consistently available and of high quality, making it an appealing choice for consumers looking for a healthy and tasty snack.

Our partnered supplier owns 2500m² of land which includes 1500m² of enclosed work areas that have been constructed according to European and AFI specifications, and they are equipped with a microbiological laboratory to ensure total quality.

Sulphured Dried Apricot

Turkiye Dried Apricot - sulph.PNG

Natural Dried Apricot

Turkiye Dried Apricot - natural.PNG


Processed Style
Form & Cut
Whole apricots: 1-Natural(Sun-dried) , 2- Sulphured , 3- Organic
Diced : These apricots are cut into small pieces, available in natural-sun dried and sulphured forms.
Class A or Extra: This is the highest quality grade, with the best color, flavor, and texture. The apricots are usually large and uniform in size, with no defects.

Class B or Standard: This is the most commonly exported grade, with slightly lower quality than Class A. The apricots may have some defects or variation in size, but are still considered to be of good quality.

Class C or Industrial: This grade is lower in quality and is often used for industrial purposes, such as making jams or other processed foods. The apricots may have significant defects, discoloration, or damage.
12.5kg Carton Box (Net Weight)
1- Super Jumbo : 60 pieces per kg
2- Jumbo : 60-80 pieces per kg
3- Size1 : 80-100 pieces per kg
4- Size2 : 100-120 pieces per kg
5- Size3: 120-140pieces per kg
6- Size4 : 140-160 pieces per kg
7- Size5 : 160-180 pieces per kg
8- Size6 : 180-200 pieces per kg
9- Size7 : 200-220 pieces per kg
10-Size8 : 220-240 pieces per kg
Yellow-Orange & Black
24% maximum
Kosher Certification / US FDA / ISO 9001 / ISO 22000
Whole dried apricots: These are whole apricots that have been dried without being cut into pieces.

Sliced dried apricots: These are whole apricots that have been sliced into smaller pieces before being dried.

Diced dried apricots: These are apricots that have been cut into small cubes before being dried.

Halved dried apricots: These are whole apricots that have been halved before being dried.

Powdered dried apricots: These are apricots that have been ground into a fine powder after being dried.

The form of dried apricots used depends on the intended use and recipe. Whole dried apricots are often used as a snack or in baking, while sliced and diced apricots are commonly used in baking and cooking. Powdered apricots are often used in smoothies and as a flavoring agent.
Storage Condition
The ideal storage conditions for dried apricots are:

Temperature: Store in a cool, dry place with a temperature range of 50°F to 60°F (10°C to 15.5°C).
Humidity: Keep the humidity below 60% to prevent mold and bacterial growth.
Light: Protect from direct sunlight to prevent discoloration and nutrient loss.
Air: Store in an airtight container or package to prevent moisture and air exposure.
Following these storage conditions will help maintain the quality and freshness of dried apricots for a longer period. It is also important to check the expiration date and quality of the product before consuming or using it.

Our Process and Product


Turkiye Dried Apricot - 11111.png
Turkiye Dried Apricot - 2221.png
Turkiye Dried Apricot - 551.png
Turkiye Dried Apricot - 331.png


Turkiye Dried Apricot - 661.png
Turkiye Dried Apricot - 881.png
Turkiye Dried Apricot - 7771.png

Quality Control

Turkiye Dried Apricot - 771.png


Turkiye Dried Apricot - 99222.png
Turkiye Dried Apricot - 001111.png
Turkiye Dried Apricot - 10102.png
Turkiye Dried Apricot - 321.png
Turkiye Dried Apricot - Turkey-Dried-Apricot-164189.png
Turkiye Dried Apricot - 22F.png


Turkiye Dried Apricot - %EC%8A%AC%EB%9D%BC%EC%9D%B4%EB%93%9C1.JPG

Our Representative in Turkiye

Alper Akkurt
Alper is an Agricultural Engineer and he has also a master's degree in logistics and supply chain management. He has been working in agribusiness, international trade, and logistics for 15 years. He took part in constructing modern greenhouse projects in Turkey with French and Dutch partners. He worked as foreign trade manager, sales executive in the logistics sector, and logistics and supply chain manager in one of the largest pulses companies in Turkey and the region. He worked with nearly 100 countries in the fields of trade and logistics. Now he is ready to help you with any logistics and supply chain solution from/to Turkey. And he can also supply dried products , nuts, organic food, tomatoes, legumes, and more from Turkey when needed.

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