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United States - Walnut Kernel

HS Code:
080232 - Nuts, edible; walnuts, fresh or dried, shelled
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USD / lb (Pound), July 11, 2022
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Available Specifications:

Variety: Chandler
Packaging Type: Carton Box
Incoterms: FAS
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Jan 13, 2023

Our Walnut Kernel from United States

Tridge offers high-quality Shelled Walnut sourced from the USA
Tridge is proud to offer high-quality California-grown walnuts. Harvested from late August through November, all of the walnuts we source are grown and processed under strict quality control standards. Not only is it the product of the highest quality; but, you also have access to numerous varieties and forms. When working with Tridge, you have access to the following California-grown walnut varieties: Chandler, Hartley, Howard, Tulare, Serr, Vina, and Franquette. In addition, we can offer in-shell walnuts, shelled walnuts, and walnuts that are further processed. The sizes offered are Jumbo (32mm+), Large (30mm), Medium (28mm), and Baby (26mm).
United States Walnut Kernel - Untitled.png


Chandler, Hartley, Howard, Tulare, Serr, Vina, and Franquette
Cultivation Type
In-shell, Light Halves, Light Halves and Pieces, Combo Halves and Pieces, Light Medium Pieces, Combo Medium Pieces, Light Syruper Pieces, Combo Syruper Pieces, Light Small Dices (#14), Bakers Pieces, Nuggets, Granules, Meal
Available Size
Jumbo (32mm+)
Large (30mm)
Medium (28mm)
Baby (26mm)
Shelf Life
12 months; product should be kept in low light temperature
Kosher, Halal
Walnuts are classified into two distinctive markets, in shell and shelled. In-shell walnuts are classified as Mammoth, Jumbo, Large, Medium, Standard, and baby with Jumbo and Large being the most common. The most common shelled walnut orders are 80% halves, and 60% and 40% light halves and pieces.

Production Region

United States Walnut Kernel - 12.png
Walnut production in the United States accounts for over two-thirds of the global walnut trade. Production is concentrated in the Central Valley, particularly the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys, where many of the counties share names with different walnut varieties. Walnuts are usually harvested from late August through early March and are available year-round.

There are over 4,800 walnut growers across California and Tridge has partnered with leading exporters to secure an array of both shelled and in-shell walnut varieties.

Our Process and Product

Final Product

Shelled (Kernel)

United States Walnut Kernel - shutterstock_312880136.jpg
• Size: 80% Halves, 40% Light Halves & Pieces
• Color: Light, Light amber
• Packaging: 22 lb, 25 lb net corrugated cardboard carton box + poly liner

** Our Shelled products are graded in accordance with the DFA or USDA standards. **


United States Walnut Kernel - shutterstock_2062813628.jpg
• Size: Jumbo (32-34 mm), Jumbo/Large (32-30 mm)
• Packaging: 10 kg, 25 kg, or 50 lb plain white sacks
• Certificates: USDA Standard, California Department of Health Certified, HACCP


United States Walnut Kernel - Certifications_01.png

Top 5 Export Markets

United States Walnut Kernel - Export_5.jpg

Our Representative in United States

Songhee Lee

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