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Ginseng coffee is getting attention due to its medical aspects in EU market

Marina Benino
Published Mar 24, 2022
Ginseng is mostly used in traditional Chinese medicine for the myriad of health benefits it provides. Besides, the shift towards natural foods due to major concerns regarding artificial additives is fueling the demand for Ginseng in Europe. The Western market is expected to witness increasing utilization of ginseng for health and nutritional purpose. Even in Italy its use has intensified, largely boosted by the perception that Asian traditions are the keepers of a healthier and naturalistic way of living. Since 2012 in coffee shops and restaurants up and down Italy, Ginseng coffee has been introduced as an alternative to Espresso or Macchiato. It is a powdered mix of Arabica bean coffee flavored with ginseng root extract mostly for those concerned with their daily caffeine intake or suffer from poor sleep patterns.
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