On-the-Ground Update

By the End of 2022, Italian Fresh Oyster Imports Are Anticipated to Increase as a Result of the Upcoming Holidays

Fresh Oyster
Market & Price Trends
Marina Benino
Published Nov 24, 2022
The quality of fresh oysters produced in Italy is among the best in Europe, and despite the country’s high production volume, Italian buyers often rely on imports to fulfil domestic preferences and demand. Currently, Longino oysters, of French origin, are among the most demanded in Italy, with their imports increasing in November and December due to the upcoming Christmas and New Year's Eve. In 2020, Italy's fresh oyster imports fell 33% YoY to USD 20.34M, but the situation has changed in recent years. Italian fresh oyster imports increased by 65.3% YoY in 2021 to USD 34.32M, and is predicted to increase up to 5% in December 2022.
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