On-the-Ground Update

The price of feed corn continued to rise, leading to wheat planting areas has dropped sharply in Taiwan

Maize (Corn)
Market & Price Trends
Bobby Huang
Published Apr 8, 2022
The harvest of the Xue-Jia wheat field in Tainan is coming to an end. The local wheat planting area has dropped sharply, from about 200 hectares to 60 hectares this year. In addition to the increase in the purchase price of feed corn that makes farmers switch to planting feed corn, many wheat fields also suffer from bird damage. The farmers' association said that farmers contracted wheat on a large area and sent it to the Kinmen winery in the past. This year's wheat planting income is not as high as the crops rewarded by the government's "big granary" program. Last year, the wheat production area fell sharply, and the price of feed corn continued to rise this year. In January, the market price once rose to nearly USD 0.52 per kilogram, and it is currently about USD 0.38- USD 0.42.
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