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Intelligence & Data
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Intelligence & Data

Make data-driven business decisions with Tridge Intelligence & Data Solution.

Tridge Intelligence & Data provides you with all ranges of quantitative market data for global agriculture and media content updated every day.

Basic Plan

Ideal for those who want limited access to recent data for individual usage only.
Free plan
Key features
Individual Usage
Limited access to the customizable Dashboard
Limited access to all market data
Full access to all News & Insights and Analysis & Reports

Premium Plan

Ideal for businesses who want full access to historical data and advanced tools for analysis.
Billed yearly
Key features
Team Usage
Full access to the customizable Dashboard
Full access to all market data
Full access to all News & Insights and Analysis & Reports

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Price: Up to 14 weeks
All Historical Data
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Domestic Price Data
Up to 1 year
All Historical Data
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All Historical Data
All Historical Data
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Intelligence Dashboard?
Dashboard (Intelligence Dashboard) is a customizable feature where you can receive automated updates of all Tridge's market data (various data provided under data explorer) and media contents (News & Insights, Analysis & Reports). You can customize multiple boards with information you want to keep track of daily and weekly through customizable widgets. All Tridge users, including basic plan users (with limited access), can use the dashboard.
What is Data Explorer?
The Data Explorer section, which only Enterprise users can access, is for those who want to learn more about the data we provide. You can search and browse diverse market data for global agriculture through more advanced visualizations that aren't available in the dashboard feature and full historical data for tracking longer year-on-year market trends. Data from Price, Trade & Tariff, Production, Seasonality, and Weather are supported.
What is News & Insights?
In News & Insights, we provide up-to-date Local News and Local Insights across 50+ markets in the world agriculture market. We also offer Tridge Analysis written by Tridge Global Market Analysts who read and interpret the recent market events in the world agriculture market.
What is Analysis & Reports?
In Analysis & Reports, we provide in-depth analysis of the major products and their markets. We offer Data Analysis, Tridge Reports, and Market Guides, which are the original contents written by Tridge Global Market Analysts.
What is the difference between the Basic and Enterprise Plan for Intelligence & Data?
Please refer to the above. Basic plan users have limited access to the Dashboard and cannot access the Data Explorer section.
How can I download the Price Data in CSV?
Only enterprise users can download price data in CSV. We support data download via Price widgets on the Dashboard and in the Domestic Price Data section in Data Explorer.
How can I download the Trade Data in CSV?
Only Enterprise users can download trade data in CSV. We support data download via trade widgets on the Dashboard.
What is the source of the Price Data?
Our wholesale prices come from many validated sources, including the ministries of agriculture of respective countries, local wholesale market representatives, local suppliers and buyers directly, etc.
What is the source of Trade & Tariff data?
What is the source of Trade Data?
The source of our trade data regarding the yearly and monthly data for products at 2, 4, and 6-digit levels of the Harmonized System are based on UN Comtrade, a global repository of official international trade statistics, and each of the local customs offices across countries.
What is the source of Tariff Data?
The source of our tariff data regarding the 6-digit Harmonized System code and National Tariff Line code is based on the International trade center (ITC) data and each country's official custom database.
What is the source of Production Data?
The source of our production data is based on the FAO code structure, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Production value, volume, and farm gate yearly prices are available in the Production Data section under Data Explorer.
What is the source of Seasonality Data?
Tridge's direct fulfillment operations gather and examine seasonal data, reflecting the actual harvest season of the key producing markets of the product.
I have a question on payment methods.
What payment methods do you support?
We support payments through card payments and bank wire payments. If you would like to pay by bank wire payments, please leave an inquiry in the LiveChat in the lower right-hand corner. For card payments, we accept both credit cards and debit cards (as long as your card allows online payments). Our sales representative will guide you through the process and send an invoice for the payment.
I have a question regarding payment management.
How can I change my credit card details?
Upon request, we will provide you with the necessary guidelines and a secured link that will direct you to the detail page when wanting to edit your credit card details. Kindly let us know when is the best time to send you the link.
How can I cancel my plan?
Canceling plans is possible; however, the plan cancellation cannot come into effect directly on the day of the request. Your plan will be active until the next payment due date. Upon approval of your request for plan cancellation, you will not be billed for the remaining periods.