Pistachio exports in recent years have been greatly affected by highly fluctuating yields and geopolitical conflicts. These dynamics have created a situation in which the largest importer of pistachios, China, has had no choice but to continue to rely on its largest rival, the US for most of its supply. However, little else about the market has been stable in recent years. Pistachio harvests have been frequently impaired by climate change and by the availability of water. In addition to these factors, pistachio exports from Iran, the former world leader in pistachio exports, have been severely hurt by US sanctions. Nevertheless, pistachios will likely continue to increase in popularity as word of their health benefits spreads. This report addresses the global market landscapes of pistachios including the Production and Export Trend with emphases on Iran and the US, who are the Top 2 players in the global market.

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Table of Content

Part I - Pistachio (HS code: 080251)

1.1 Product Information

1.2 An alternate bearing crop

1.3 Types/Varieties

1.4 Seasonality-Late August/ September

1.5 Geography

Part II - Global Market Dynamics

2.1 Overview

2.2 Iran

- Production & Exports Trend

2.3 The United States

- Production & Exports Trend

2.4 Recent Developments: China

Part III - Sources

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