Poland’s Rise in the Dairy Industry: Sourcing Solution

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Victor Langat
Published Apr 2, 2024
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Since joining the EU in 2004, Poland's dairy industry has seen consistent growth, consolidating milk and dairy production and achieving economies of scale. Poland's 2023 milk production is estimated at 15.6 mmt, a cumulative growth of 32.2% since 2004, with a slight 0.64% YoY increase anticipated in 2024 to reach 15.7 mmt. This uptick in milk production has created export opportunities for Poland, enabling the country to export dairy products to EU member states and non-EU markets. Several of Poland's dairy products have experienced growth over the years, including milk, cheese, WMP, SMP, and fermented milk and yogurt. Despite the higher production costs, Polish dairy exporters are encouraged to explore opportunities in non-EU markets, particularly in regions like Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, where demand for dairy products is rising, leveraging Poland's competitive pricing to facilitate market penetration efforts.

Table of contents

Key Takeaways

1. The Polish Milk Market

1.1 Milk Production

1.2 Milk Consumption

1.3 Milk and Cream Exports and Major Exporters

2. The Polish Dairy Market

2.1 Cheese

2.1.1 Cheese Production

2.1.2 Cheese Export Trend and Major Exporters

2.2 Butter

2.2.1 Butter Production

2.2.2 Butter Export Trend and Major Exporters

2.3 Whole Milk Powder (WMP)

2.3.1 WMP Production

2.3.2 WMP Export Trend and Major Exporters

2.4 Skim Milk Powder (SMP)

2.4.1 SMP Production

2.4.2 SMP Export Trend and Major Exporters

2.5 Fermented Milk and Yogurt

2.5.1 Fermented Milk and Yogurt Production

2.5.2 Fermented Milk and Yogurt Export Trend and Major Exporters

3. Challenges and Opportunities

3.1 Challenges

3.2 Opportunities

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