The price of bulk milk in Egypt jumped in the market due to a lack of supply

Buffalo Milk
Cow Milk
Published Aug 24, 2022

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18 pounds per kilo, the prices of bulk milk jump in the markets due to the lack of supply | Masrawy

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I wrote - Dina Khaled: Ehab Sharabeya, Vice President of the Dairy Division at the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, said that the prices of cow and buffalo milk rose in the markets by about 10% this month. Sharabieh explained that the increase in milk is due to the lack of supply due to the decrease in milk production in the summer, as well as the continued rise in feed prices, which is the main component of milk. Sharabieh added that the average price of a kilo of buffalo milk in total is about 16 pounds, to be sold in the market at about 18 pounds. The price of a kilo of cow's milk, which is used in making cheese, rose to between 7 and 8 pounds, compared to 6 pounds a month ago. Feed prices have jumped during the last period as a result of the outbreak of the ...
Source: EGmasrawy
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