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Turkey: 248 million dollars of dried fruit export was made in 10 months from GAIB

GAİB'den 10 ayda 248 milyon dolarlık kuru meyve ihracatı yapıldı
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Nov 7, 2021
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Mehmet Çıkmaz, President of the Southeast Anatolian Dried Fruits and Products Exporters' Association, noted that 40 million 496 thousand dollars of dried fruit exports were made in October. Stating that pistachio is the first with 104 thousand dollars in exports of 247 million 930 thousand dollars in the 10-month period of the year, Çıkmaz continued as follows: "Dried apricots took the second place with 92 million 437 thousand dollars, and other fruit varieties took the third place with 20 million 203 thousand dollars. In this process, 13 million 905 thousand dollars of dried figs, 5 million 125 thousand dollars of apricot and apricot seeds, 3 million 598 thousand dollars were taken from our region. we exported various roasted fruits, 3.5 million dollars of various walnuts, 2 million 442 thousand dollars of roasted chickpeas, 1 million 126 thousand dollars of pine nuts.In addition to these, we exported seedless raisins, almond varieties, plums, dried apples and other dried fruits ...
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