30 tons of Ukrainian corn, which was dumped from a freight train in Poland, are being disposed

Maize (Corn)
Published Feb 27, 2024

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In Poland, the cleanup of Ukrainian corn spilled near the Kotomieje railway station is almost complete, with only 30 tons left to collect. The corn was en route to Morocco when the doors of eight wagons were forcibly opened, resulting in a spillage of 160 to 180 tons. This incident marks the fourth case of interference with railway transport carrying agricultural products. A criminal case has been initiated, with Ukraine urging Poland to identify and penalize the culprits.
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In Poland, the collection of Ukrainian corn, which was spilled on the night of February 24-25, near the Kotomieje railway station, is being completed, while 30 tons of it will not be collected. This was reported by the representative of the security company that ensures transport safety, Pavlo Bilevskyi, to the Polish publication, Interfax-Ukraine reports. "Eight out of 40 wagons were opened. Customs cables with a thickness of 8 mm were cut. In this way, the double side doors of the wagons were opened," he said, explaining that half of the goods spilled out of the wagon when the doors were opened. Bilevsky said that the Ukrainian corn that was going to the port of Gdańsk was supposed to go to Morocco. From 160 to 180 tons fell on the ground, of which 30 tons remained on the ground. This grain will be collected, weighed at customs, and then sent for disposal or biodiesel production. As of Monday, the Polish police still do not know when the grain was spilled and who did it. ...
Source: Epravda
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