50% hike in vegetable prices in Turkey

Published Jan 30, 2022

Original content

Sedat Recep Toktürk, Vice President of the Turkish Carriers' Federation, stated that product supply is related to production as well as transportation, "Currently, greenhouse production has dropped considerably in the Antalya region for the last few days due to weather conditions. Production is due to the fact that it is winter, the greenhouses are not sufficiently heated and there is no sunlight. "There is a serious decrease in the supply of vegetables. According to my estimation, there is a decrease of 50 percent in yield. Seasonally, vegetables are not produced outside of the greenhouse," he said. Stating that the yield decrease in greenhouses is generally experienced in these months, Toktürk stated that there is a temporary problem in terms of transportation and logistics. Emphasizing that this situation may affect prices in the short term, Toktürk said, “The prices of products such as tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, peppers, and stuffed peppers will not be affected much in the ...
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