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85% of the aguaymanto exported by Peru in 2019 corresponds to dehydrated

El 85% del aguaymanto exportado por Perú en 2019 corresponde a deshidratado
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Jun 23, 2020
From Agraria
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( In 2019 exports of aguaymanto by Peru reached 344,971 tons, showing a reduction of 25% compared to 461,673 tons shipped the previous year, PeruExporta reported. The main destinations for blueberries from Peru in 2019 were: The Netherlands with 108,621 tons, registering a 28% reduction compared to the previous year (it concentrated 31% of the total); United States 62,069 tons, decreased 54% (18% of the total); Germany 46,850 tons, decreased 30% (14% of the total); Canada 25,111 tons, grew 137% (7% of the total); In addition to the United Kingdom, 24,400 tons, increased 62% (7% of the total); France 13,128 tons, fell 18% (4% of the total); Republic of Korea 12,304, grew 34% (4% of the total); Australia 11,720 tons, increased 5,760% (3% of the total); Japan 10,152 tons, decreased 32% (3% of the total); India 5,000 tons, fell 16 (1% of the total); Switzerland 4,980 tons, increased 2% (1% of the total); Israel 4,200 tons, decreased 77% (1% of the total). Presentations Of ...
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