A gap is expected between Peru and West Africa in an exceptional mango season

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Published Feb 22, 2024

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The global mango market is facing a crisis as Peru, a major exporter, is only able to export a third of its usual volume, and Brazil is also struggling to meet demand. This, coupled with delays in maritime transport, has led to fewer promotions in European supermarkets. The Peruvian mango season is expected to end earlier than usual, potentially causing a gap before the West African season begins. The sector is being significantly impacted by climate change, particularly El Niño in South America and warm periods in Africa.
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( Henk van der Meij, from the Dutch firm Hars&Hagebauer, pointed out that the current situation of the global mango market is truly unique. He indicated that Peru is exporting only a third of its usual volume and this is having serious consequences in the market. "Of course, Brazil has wanted to take advantage of the situation, but this country has not had much to offer during the first months of the year either, so it does not have the capacity to supply that volume." He added that Peruvian supply has reached a peak of 150 containers per week, but that volume is already beginning to decrease. “If we add to this the continuous delays in maritime transport, the result is a very complicated market, with great risks for both the importer and the exporter. "As a result, far fewer promotions are being planned in European supermarkets." He indicated that right now, the expectation is that the Peruvian season will lose steam and end even weeks earlier than usual. “It is very ...
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