A unique delicacy is made in the Kyiv region, Ukraine

Published Dec 22, 2021

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OSETR fish farm produces 1 ton of black caviar per year. Sturgeons live here for 15-20 years, they have ultrasound and milking. In 2000, the father of businessman Maxim Mostov. This was reported by Shaw Tam, writes He asked to save the fishery where he worked. The fish farm near the village of Ukrainka in the Kyiv region is in decline. Although back in the 80's the farm raised sturgeon. Together with his partner Serhiy Meshkov, they invested $ 30,000 in the fish farm. They bought feed and fish: sterlet and sturgeon.

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Sturgeons begin to lay eggs at 8-10 years of age. The first caviar on the farm was harvested 10 years after its foundation. Caviar is extracted exclusively by milking. Fish are given an ultrasound to determine where the females are and whether they are spawning. Females are "milked" and returned to the reservoir. There are "old-timers" who have been living on the farm for 20 years. Ukrainian black caviar is now bought ...
Source: AgronewsUA
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