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Spain: Advances in the analysis and monitoring of chestnut diseases in Bierzo, Leon

Avances en el análisis y seguimiento de las enfermedades del castaño en la comarca leonesa del Bierzo
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Raw Chestnut
Environmental Issue
Feb 12, 2022
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During the last summer - autumn from the Association of chestnut growers of the three valleys in El Bierzo Oeste they have expressed their concern about the premature defoliation of chestnut trees in this area. The initial diagnosis made pointed to the socarrina (Septoria castaenicolum), a native fungus that is difficult to control, in which the adverse environmental conditions, characterized by high humidity that occurred during the month of July, and which caused the loss of leaves of our chestnut groves. The effect of this disease has been, in addition to the general weakening of the chestnut, the reduction of the chestnut harvest. For this reason, given the continuous concern of the productive sector, the Bierzo chestnut table activated the phytosanitary surveillance program, which through Cesefor carried out prospecting, analysis and identification activities on the samples provided by the partners of this association. based in Bierzo Oeste and those collected in the ...
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