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Spain: In Almería, melon prices remain high while watermelon prices begin to fall

Almería: el melón se mantiene con precios elevados mientras que la sandía comienza a descender
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Jun 10, 2022
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(R.P.) - The melon manages to maintain high values for one more week due to a smaller cultivation area that leads to a decrease in production this campaign. The yellow type is sold for an average of seventy-five cents, the Cantaloupe is priced at around one euro and twenty cents, the Galia type has an average cut of one euro and the Piel de Sapo type reaches an average of one euro and ten euro cents per kilo.
All types of watermelon have fallen in price in recent days with an average of seventy-two euro cents. The mini type has an average cut of sixty-six cents, the black one is priced at an average of eighty-four cents and the striped one is sold for around seventy euro cents per kilo. The tomato continues with very profitable values for the dates in which we find ourselves due to the reduction in production in Central Europe and the fact that Morocco ended exports of the authorized quota to European markets on May 31. The long life tomato is sold between one euro and forty and one euro and twenty cents, the bouquet type has an average cut of one euro and fifteen cents and the pear type ranges between one euro and thirty and ninety euro cents per kilo. Tomato crops in Almería are already in their last phase and in the coming weeks a large part of the protected crops will be withdrawn. Among the peppers as a whole, the red lamuyo continues to stand out for another week in terms of ...
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