Italy: Asparagus plummets, aubergines stable

Fresh Asparagus
Dried Common Bean
Published Apr 17, 2024

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The article provides an overview of the latest trends in fruit and vegetable prices based on Bmti surveys, highlighting significant market changes. Strawberry prices have surged unexpectedly due to reduced supply from temperature fluctuations, while asparagus has become cheaper due to low demand and high availability. Courgette prices are recovering from a recent decline, and agretti is becoming less expensive due to low demand despite ample supply. Additionally, cucumber prices have slightly increased with the onset of spring, green bean prices have dropped with a rise in national production, and broad bean prices have slightly decreased due to steady demand. The report also notes stable prices for Sicilian aubergines and an increase in both demand and prices for peppers.
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According to Bmti surveys, there is also a surprise increase in strawberry prices. Courgettes recovering after weeks of decline Asparagus and strawberries. These are certainly the surprises of the week, negative and positive respectively. For the former, in fact, the Bmti findings mark significant drops, even on a trend basis, while the latter, thanks to the weather situation, record a completely unexpected surge. Also noteworthy is the situation of courgettes, which are showing signs of awakening. Agretti, signs of weakness remain There are still good quantities of agretto in the markets. The reference does not receive high demand and this causes a downward push in prices. In recent weeks, the Emilian product has also appeared, of excellent workmanship, which fetches better prices than the Lazio one. Asparagus, price collapse Prices falling sharply for Italian green asparagus. The situation is determined by medium-low demand and a high presence of product in the markets. Prices ...
Source: Terraevita
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