Belgian tomato prices rebound

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Published Jun 8, 2023

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In Belgium, loose and vine tomatoes' median prices rebounded last week. That, thus, halted the recent week's steady decline, as evidenced by VBT figures. As the year's longest day approaches, the next few weeks usually have the highest productions. For cucumbers, though, there is still no indication of a trend reversal, and prices keep hovering just above €0.10 apiece. That means a price that's still twice as low as the five-year average. The market was ordinary at €0.30 apiece.

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Like tomatoes, eggplant prices rose. With a median price of €0.989, it just missed the euro mark. At a unit price of slightly over €0.48, green zucchini yielded about half the eggplant price. The different colored bell peppers' prices rose and fell (slightly), with red ones fetching the best price in week 22 - more than €1.97/kg. At €1.53+ per kilo, yellow yielded the least. Strawberry middle prices remained virtually unchanged from week 21. In week 22, that reached €3.21 per kilogram. The previous week, that was over €3.25. Last week, Sonsation average prices increased to more ...
Source: Hortidaily
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