Brazilian corn market should continue with stalled sales

Updated Mar 3, 2023
Domestic supply has improved, but business is likely to continue slowly. On the international scene, the Chicago Commodity Exchange operates on a high. The dollar, in turn, presents volatility in its quotation. The Brazilian corn market recorded stable to lower prices on Wednesday. According to the SAFRAS & Mercado consultant, Paulo Molinari, the market was blocked, with industries trying to bring down prices in the South and Southeast. “Apparently the market is a little better in supply, but still slow in business”, he comments. In the Port of Santos, the price ranged from R$ 88.00 (purchase) to R$ 93.00 (sale) per bag (CIF). In the Port of Paranaguá, quotation between R$ 88.00/93.00 per bag. In Paraná, the quotation was R$ 82.00/84.00 a bag in Cascavel. In São Paulo, price of R$ 83.00/85.00 at Mogiana. In Campinas CIF, price of R$ 89.00/91.00 per bag. In Rio Grande do Sul, the price was R$90.00/91.50 per bag in Erechim.
In Minas Gerais, price at R$ 78.00/80.00 per bag in Uberlândia. In Goiás, the price was R$ 77.00/R$ 80.00 per bag in Rio Verde – CIF. In Mato ...
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