Bulldozer on vegetables, in Russia, they continue to barbarously destroy sanctioned vegetables and fruits

Published Apr 30, 2024

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A truck carrying 58 boxes of tomatoes from the Netherlands and 60 boxes of pepper from Spain, both from the European Union (EU), was caught at the Russian-Lithuanian border with prohibited goods for the Kaliningrad region. The customs office intends to dispose of the confiscated produce by crushing them with a bulldozer, similar to previous seizures of EU fruits, vegetables, and berries. Since 2014, Russia has imposed sanctions on the import of these agricultural products from Western countries, while allowing imports from countries like Egypt, Brazil, Turkey, Serbia, North Macedonia, and South Africa.
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They tried to bring vegetables from the European Union countries to the Kaliningrad region of Russia, which is prohibited. On the Russian-Lithuanian border, 58 boxes of tomatoes from the Netherlands and 60 boxes of pepper from Spain were found in a truck. According to the documents, the goods arrived from the state of the Eurasian Economic Union in transit through the Moscow region. As AgroTimes reports with reference to the “Russian West”, 553 kg of prohibited vegetables were seized. The Kaliningrad regional customs office intends to take the vegetables to the landfill and crush them with a bulldozer. The same will be done with 4,500 kg of berries, vegetables and fruits from the European Union, seized a few days earlier, the publication clarifies. Read also: How do prohibited Russian vegetables get into Latvia? ...
Source: Eastfruit
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