Businessman comments on how the cherry market is in China

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Published Feb 7, 2024

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In a recent interview, Erik Xian, the commercial manager of Wan Xin firm, discussed the growth of fruit imports in China, particularly cherries. A report by the China Chamber of Commerce revealed that China's fruit imports increased in 2023, with the country importing 7.52 million tons of various fruits. The most imported fruits were fresh and frozen durian, fresh cherries, bananas, and mangosteen. The leading fruit exporters to China in 2023 included Thailand, Chile, Vietnam, Philippines, New Zealand, Peru, Australia, Malaysia, South Africa, and Indonesia.
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In an interview (reproduced by Smartcherry) conducted by Nicolás Zamorano, Asia Manager of QCFruit, the commercial manager of the Wan Xin firm, Erik Xian, reflected the commercial evolution that cherries are showing in the Chinese market. The video broadcast by Smartcherry in Destination: is a Week 5 report of the 2023-2024 season on the supply of cherries in this important destination. In the interview, Erik Xian comments on the problems that have been encountered with the varieties of cherries that arrived in the Asian giant, the price movements and the expectations that exist with the arrival of the Chinese New Year. imports from china According to a recent report published by the China Chamber of Commerce for the Import and Export of Foodstuffs, Native Products and Animal Byproducts, China's fruit imports maintained their upward trajectory throughout 2023. Last year, the Asian giant imported 7.52 million tons of different species and varieties of fruits (US$ 16.85 ...
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