The Ceagesp price index fell 2.6% in February, driven by fruit

Published Mar 5, 2021

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"Even with rains and high temperatures, characteristic of this time of year, the trend for the month of March is to maintain or even drop the prices of fruits, miscellaneous and vegetables. for new highs. Vegetables can suffer from excessive rain and the most sensitive products in the sector can have high prices ", he said. In February, the vegetable sector showed a sharp increase in prices, the second in the year, due to the hot climate and heavy rains that ruin the unprotected hardwood plantations ", said Ceagesp. The vegetable, diverse and fish sectors presented high, but, according to the company, insufficient for a significant increase in the Index. In fruits, the main reductions were foreign pear williams (-31.5%), avocado (-28.4%), gala apples (- 28.3%) and oranges pear (-17.0%) and lime (-16.1%). The main increases occurred with cashew (44.1%), tahiti lemon (21.4%), mango palmer (20.2%), sweet passion fruit (17.7%) and tommy atkins mango (17.1%). The vegetable sector ...
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