Prices remain unchanged in the Brazilian corn market

Updated Feb 28, 2023
In the corn market in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, prices remain unchanged, according to information released by TF Agroeconomia. “In the market there is practically no novelty. Trading companies did not indicate prices, but, exercising the export account, prices would not be higher than R$ 90.00 port for export, but not closing the account for most regions due to freight”, he comments.
“Prices for March (industry post) R$ 87.00 Great Santa Rosa, R$ 91.50 Marau region, R$ 92.50 Lajeado region. Seller continues asking between R$ 86.00 to 89.00 interior (when there are offers). Stone prices in Panambi fell to R$ 82.00 a bag”, completes the consultancy. Buyer prices in Santa Catarina have slightly retreated, with sellers absent. “Taxed corn for small buyers between BRL 69/90/bag depending on shipping or BRL 91 for 30 days, in the Midwest of Santa Catarina. Regional corn at R$ 92 post-factory, with a seller between R$ 93/94, few deals. Exportation again indicated prices below R$ 90.00 at the port, after filling up we did not hear of new business. Counter prices unchanged at BRL 84/bag in Campos Novos, dropped to BRL 80.50 in Chapecó and falling to BRL 82.00 in Concordia and Joaçaba”, he indicates. Market completely stopped in Paraná, only with offers. “We saw no deals done this Monday in the ...
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