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China backs up 255 million rai of GMO corn

ผงะ จีนหนุนปลูกข้าวโพด จีเอ็มโอ 255 ล้านไร่
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Maize (Corn)
Grain & Cereals
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Jan 14, 2021
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Farmers wake up after the Chinese government allows GMO corn to grow to 255 million hectares. Dominoes Effect Impact on the import of cassava. May spill Thai Smashing domestic product prices plummeting.
A corn farmer news source revealed to the "economic base" that the Chinese government allows. "Planted corn" GMO to increase yield Plus 255 million hectares will be planted in the future, corn and cassava farmers must know "When China approves the use of GMO corn It is resistant to insect worms and pesticides. "How will it affect Thai farmers? "Like a distant matter But if Chinese production increases in the coming season because it reduces the risk of insect larvae. Relieve disease And easy to get rid of weeds Resulting in high productivity increases From the USA example After using corn varieties GMOs, along with continuous cultivation, yields increased to more than 400-500 kg per rai. If China already cultivates GMO varieties Set a resolution to increase 300 kg / rai from 255 million hectares, the nation's output will increase to 76.5 million tonnes of corn in China will be enough. Do not import Added to produce more ethanol There is also a chance to reduce the import of Thai ...
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