China increases dragon fruit cultivation, reduces purchases from Vietnam

Updated Oct 1, 2023
China promotes the cultivation of red-fleshed dragon fruit and sells it for 7 yuan (23,000 VND) per kilogram, cheaper than goods imported from Vietnam.
Last year, China announced that it planted 67,000 hectares of dragon fruit, with an output of 1.6 million tons, more than Vietnam in both area and output. The country then gave farmers more acreage, product diversity and technical support to achieve high productivity. According to People's Daily, recently farmers in Cixi, Ningbo, Zhejiang province in eastern China, continuously worked all night to artificially pollinate dragon fruits to ensure a successful harvest. Here, farmers in this area also increased their acreage more than before. This causes the price of red-fleshed goods in Nam Ninh to be lower than Vietnamese goods. Produce Report's survey shows that July-August is the peak season for dragon fruit supply. In Guangxi - the largest dragon fruit producer in China - prices have dropped to a record low. Red-fleshed dragon fruit at a market in the capital Nanning has a retail price of about 7 yuan (23,000 VND per kg), while white-fleshed dragon fruit from Vietnam is about 9 ...
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