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China may overtake Ukraine in the walnut market in Turkey

Китай може обігнати Україну на ринку волоського горіха в Туреччині
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Jan 7, 2022
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In 2021, China could rise to third place in the world ranking of walnut exporters, surpassing Chile and widening the gap with Ukraine, which is still difficult, but remains in fifth place. At the same time, Ukraine continued to experience difficulties in exporting walnuts due to low world prices and changes in the regime of access to the Turkish market. This was reported by EastFruit. China has broken records for both walnut shell exports and last year's walnut kernels.
It is estimated that the export of kernels has doubled during the year to 45-47 thousand tons, and the volume of exports of walnuts in shell - about 1.5 times to 110-115 thousand tons. In total, China earned about $ 420 million in walnut exports in 2021, which is also a new record. "By the way, Turkey, which has sharply reduced walnut imports from Ukraine, seems to have replaced Ukrainian walnuts with Chinese ones. According to the results of 2021, the export of walnuts from China to Turkey increased 2.2 times, and Turkey ranked fourth in the ranking of the most important markets for this type of nut for China, "- said in a statement. The three fastest growing ...
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