China's strong demand clears South Africa's inventory, macadamia prices may increase by 10-30%

Published May 6, 2024

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South Africa's macadamia nut industry is expected to see a 14% increase in production, reaching 90,135 tons this year and making it the world's leading producer. Despite a price drop in the past two years, prices have recently rebounded and are expected to rise by 10-30% this year. The industry remains healthy due to superior fruit growers, advanced processing facilities, and strong demand. However, industry experts stress the importance of determining a sustainable price to maintain the industry's long-term health. The price drop is largely due to a global supply increase, with macadamia tree planting replacing crops like tobacco, sugar cane, and coffee.
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According to South African media Independent Online, Roelof van Rooyen, director of Global Macadamias, a South African macadamia nut processor and exporter, said that although macadamia prices have fallen in the past two years and the industry is in a difficult situation, prices have recently rebounded. He believes that compared with other commodities, macadamia nuts can still provide a good return on investment. "Although prices fell last year, the entire industry is still in a healthy state of development. We have the best fruit growers in the world, well-equipped processing facilities, and strong demand." South Africa's macadamia production this year is expected to increase by nearly 14%, from about 78,000 tons of shelled nuts last year to 90,135 tons, ranking first in the world's macadamia production. The company said that macadamia prices are recovering from last year's historical lows. This year's harvest is about to begin, and people are optimistic about it. But industry ...
Source: Guojiguoshu
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