Chinese astronauts grow vegetables in orbit for deep space exploration

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Published Nov 3, 2023

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Chinese astronauts aboard the Tiangong space station have successfully grown vegetables, including lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and green onions. The growth of plants in space is seen as an important component for future deep space exploration, including missions to the Moon and Mars. Other countries, such as Israel, the United States, and Finland, are also conducting research and projects related to growing food in space.
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On the Tiangong space station, 16 Chinese astronauts are growing vegetables as part of their plans to explore deep space, reports agroreview. Follow the news in a convenient format: Follow us on Twitter The mission commander and the two new astronauts grew lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and green onions. To compare the results, the Chinese Astronaut Research and Training Center created replicas of these plants on Earth. The system can be applied in the field of deep space exploration, including our manned missions to the Moon and Mars, said Yang Renze, a researcher from the China Astronaut Research and Training Center. As a reminder, the new dessert, developed by the Finnish food technology company Solar Foods, is made from ingredients obtained from the air. Israeli scientists plan to grow greens from seeds on the moon. This project was developed by the Jacob Blaustein Desert Research Institute at Ben-Gurion University in Beer Sheva. NASA sent red chili pepper (Capsicum annuum) seeds ...
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