Global: The collapse in prices for onions and decline in prices for carrots against the backdrop of increasing supply - analysis of trading platforms for the week

Published Apr 1, 2024

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The article provides a comprehensive review of the EastFruit trading platforms, focusing on the fruit and vegetable markets across regions such as Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Egypt, and Romania. It highlights significant market trends, including a decrease in onion and tomato prices due to a new harvest in Uzbekistan, and an increase in carrot supply leading to lower prices. The report also notes a growing activity on the EastFruit Fruittechnology group, with a high demand for fruit tree seedlings and an increase in the supply of garden strawberry seedlings, containers, packaging, and agricultural films. Additionally, technological advancements in agriculture are mentioned, with the drone maker Hylio receiving FAA permission for drone flights over swarm fields. The article underscores the dynamic nature of the agricultural sector, with fluctuating prices and an increase in market participation and product offerings.
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Key points from the past week: — Top sellers are onions and carrots — The start of the new harvest in Uzbekistan has caused prices for onions to collapse — Potatoes began to be offered less often, and beets more often — In Ukraine, prices for carrots have fallen, but potatoes have risen in price — The supply of cucumber continues to grow — The number of Chinese cabbage sellers has doubled — Exporters from Egypt increased prices for sweet peppers About these and other trends in the region's fruit and vegetable markets in a weekly review of EastFruit trading platforms. The number of advertisements posted on the EastFruit Trade Platform, as well as the geography of active participants, continues to grow. Last week, participants from 14 countries bought and sold fruits and vegetables in the group. The supply of goods from Iran and Kazakhstan has decreased. At the same time, participants from Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Egypt and Romania increased their sales. Announcements have reappeared ...
Source: Eastfruit
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