Cooxupé sees an increase in Brazil's coffee harvest in 2025

Published May 23, 2024

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The president of Brazil's largest coffee growers cooperative, Carlos Augusto Rodrigues de Melo, is optimistic about a potential increase in coffee crop harvest for 2025 in the Cooxupé region, following the vigorous condition of the crops in 2024, which is expected to show slight growth over 2023. The expansion of the planted area and favorable market conditions are also contributing to a positive outlook for investments in coffee plantations. However, the harvest size for 2024 is still subject to the weather and the small bean size trend observed in the initial harvest. So far, Cooxupé's Arabica coffee harvest for 2024 has recorded around 5% of the expected yield, with varying progress in different regions.
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By Roberto Samora SANTOS (Reuters) - The condition of coffee crops in the Cooxupé region indicates the possibility of an increase in the harvest next year in relation to 2024, which in turn is expected to have slight growth compared to 2023 despite newly harvested small beans. harvested, said this Wednesday the president of the largest coffee growers cooperative in Brazil, Carlos Augusto Rodrigues de Melo, during an international seminar in Santos (SP). "The crops are getting into a very good stage, for 2025, if the weather cooperates, there should be a good, very good harvest. In 2024, the harvest is similar to 2023, a little bigger. But, if everything goes well, the harvest next year could be bigger than in 2024, the crops are very vigorous...", he said, to Reuters. Melo also stated that the planted area is expanding, but did not detail the numbers. Production in 2025 would also depend on good weather conditions. But the scenario is favorable for investments in coffee ...
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