Corn prices melt in the South of Brazil

Updated Mar 2, 2023
In the state of Rio Grande do Sul, corn prices dropped by R$3/sack at origin and R$2/sack at destination, according to information from TF Agroeconomia. “As we said yesterday, corn prices have melted in Brazil, having repercussions on the market today. Here in RS, a trading company that still needs to close its position, continued to indicate R$ 89.00 per port, but without interest due to freight costs”, he comments. “Prices for March (industry post) dropped by R$ 3/sack at origin and R$ 2/sack at destination: R$ 84.00 in Grande Santa Rosa, R$ 89.50 in Marau region, R$ 90.50 in Paved. Seller continues asking between R$ 85.00 to 89.00 interior (when there are offers). Stone prices, in Panambi, fell to R$ 81.00 a bag”, he adds. In Santa Catarina, prices remain low and the seller sells the minimum. “Taxed corn for small buyers between BRL 69/90/bag depending on shipping or BRL 91 for 30 days, in the Midwest of Santa Catarina. Regional corn at R$ 92 post-factory, with a seller between ...
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