Despite difficulties, the Ukrainian frozen berry sector continues to grow

Published May 23, 2024

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Ukraine's frozen berry exports have seen growth over the past two seasons, with the European Union, especially Poland, as the main destination. The country's frozen fruit sector is expected to export 87,000 tons in 2023. Producers are encouraged to diversify markets, including the United States, as the war with Russia and neighboring countries' restrictive measures present challenges. Climate change and labor shortages due to the war also pose challenges, but Volodymyr Gurzhiy, CEO of USPA Fruit, remains optimistic about the sector's expansion.
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Ukraine's frozen berry exports have seen year-on-year growth over the past two seasons, despite tensions stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic and Russia's invasion in 2022. The main destination of the product is the European Union, with Poland concentrating most of the exports. Volodymyr Gurzhiy, CEO of USPA Fruit, spoke to about the current state of the industry in Ukraine, stating that in 2023, the Eastern European country's frozen fruit sector will export 87,000 tons. "Every year, Ukraine sets records in frozen berry exports," Gurzhiy said. "We are replacing volumes from Poland, occupying a new place in the supply chain. Before we focused on Poland as the main market and now we supply markets that also supply Polish berries," he added. Gurzhiy commented that one of the new markets includes the United States, which is still considered small in terms of volumes, but has great potential in the premium category. "According to the results of the last 12 months, ...
Source: MXfruit
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