Discover the benefits of eating beans as an alternative to animal protein

Published Aug 13, 2020

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Item ranked 16th in the ranking of the value of agricultural production in the state of São Paulo, with R $ 1.108 billion

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Brazil is one of the largest consumers of beans in the world, a habit that intensified during the quarantine, according to information from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). In a period in which a large part of the population started consuming food prepared at home, the product gained space as an alternative to animal protein, which proved to be a great option, because, according to researchers, beans offer the least use of resources per kilo of protein delivered, in addition to being rich in fiber, preventing cardiovascular disease and helping to control anemia. Altogether, about 15 types can be found, but the carioca has the preference of more than 60% of consumers. Therefore, the variety occupies almost half of the planted area in the country. Another 20% is dedicated to the cultivation of black beans, widely consumed in Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, south and east of Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, southeast of Minas Gerais and south of Espírito Santo, ...
Source: SaoPauloSp
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