Do you value natural products? Bet on Polish dairy products

Published Aug 15, 2021

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Milk should be included in a person's daily diet - these are the recommendations of doctors and nutritionists. A very good choice is to use domestic dairy products, made of the highest quality milk, obtained from cows fed with fodder produced on their own farms, and often grazed on pastures in the spring and summer season. The Polish dairy industry is very modern, and the raw material is produced and processed in very hygienic conditions.

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Our dairies adapt to the needs of consumers who have recently preferred the most natural products. The Polish dairy industry is competitive on the European and international market - says prof. Jolanta Król from the Department of Quality Assessment and Processing of Animal Products at the University of Life Sciences in Lublin. The value of exports of dairy products last year amounted to over EUR 2 billion. Polish dairy products go not only to European countries, but also, inter alia, to China or African countries. Polish dairy products are known and appreciated all over the world, incl. due to the high quality, which results mainly from good raw material and very modern technical facilities in the plants. Our dairies have the most modern technological lines. Progress in the dairy industry has been made systematically over the past two decades. Even at the end of the 20th century, Polish dairy was significantly different from the EU. The processing was fragmented, which was not ...
Source: SwiatRolnika
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