Due to the difficulty of the border trade road, peanuts, cucumber, melon and sesame trade cool and prices fall

Myanmar [Burma]
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Published Nov 25, 2023

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The blockade of border trade routes is negatively impacting domestic producers in Myanmar. The closure of these routes has led to delays in finding new trading routes, causing a decline in the market and prices of agricultural products. Specifically, the peanut, watermelon, cucumber, and sesame markets have all been affected, with farmers experiencing financial losses and difficulties in transporting their products.
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The consequences of the blockade of border trade lanes are felt by domestic producers. Traders have been suffering for a while now. When there is no possibility of exporting to neighboring countries through normal border exit trade routes, there is also time delay in finding new routes and trading. The road is too far, In addition to the roadblocks, other challenges are also affecting Myanmar's agricultural exports. In the country's economy based on agriculture, the role of exporting agricultural products to neighboring countries through border trade is also important. Therefore, when the current border trade routes are closed, the market and prices of Myanmar's agricultural products are only heading downwards. The peanut market has continued to decline due to the cessation of exports to China, and sales are cold. Although the price is up to 5,000, the price that the farmers are selling is only around 5,000 for red peanuts and white peanuts. It is said that the price of grinding ...
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