Dumping of grain prices is increasing in Kazakhstan

Published Apr 6, 2024

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Grain exporters are currently facing challenges in the market due to low trading activity, largely because of price dumping by Russian exporters, their aggressive market expansion in Central Asia and Afghanistan, and logistical hurdles. The KazGrain Association has proposed a strategy to overcome these obstacles, which includes strengthening trading positions, increasing trade volumes, and improving export processes to China. Additionally, they aim to enhance relationships with Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan. The association is advocating for more robust government support for exporters and agricultural producers to boost the competitiveness of Kazakh grain in the global market.
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Grain exporters note very low trading activity on the grain market. At the same time, they name a number of reasons for this state of affairs. One of them is the aggressive expansion of Russian grain and flour and price dumping. Also, grain farmers continue to point out logistics limitations. As stated by the KazGrain Association, they are preparing to travel to China to resolve the issue of unhindered exports, APK News agency reports. The National Association of Exporters KazGrain held a meeting on current problematic issues of export of grains and oilseeds. As the grain growers stated, at this time there is a fairly low tone activity of the grain market on the market. There are several reasons for this. “There is price dumping going on, both within Kazakhstan between traders and external dumping by Russian exporters. The aggressive expansion of Russian grain and flour into the markets of Central Asia and Afghanistan is growing. The cost of Russian flour is already cheaper than ...
Source: Zol
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