East Java Konjac Rice Promoted to South Korea

Published Jun 23, 2020

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Konjac rice sent to South Korea is the result of the innovation of the UB academic community, Malang. "We are creating the results of innovation from the academic community at Brawijaya University. Hopefully the promotion will be successful and the export will continue," Musyaffak said in Surabaya, Monday (6/22). Musyaffak explained, based on the results of the study, konjac rice was known to contain lower fat than ordinary rice. Making it suitable for consumers who limit consumption of fat or diet. Musyaffak admitted that his party had carried out quarantine inspection action on konjac rice which included physical inspection and so on. inspection results confirm this commodity has been free from pest pests Oryzaephilus sp. "After making sure healthy and safe we issue a Phytosanitary Certificate (PC), he said. Musyaffak explained, porang is a wild plant that is commonly found in between forest trees and yard. "Porang is now being looked at to be widely developed because it has ...
Source: Republika
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