Ecuador prepares to export cape gooseberry to China

Cape Gooseberry
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Published Apr 22, 2024

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Ecuador is venturing into the Chinese market with its cape gooseberry exports, benefiting from a trade agreement that offers a reduced tariff of 5 to 8%. Dennis Brito, CEO of Golden Sweet Spirit, highlights the potential and hurdles of entering this new market, such as satisfying high demand, introducing the fruit to Chinese consumers, and addressing logistical challenges. Despite these obstacles, Brito is optimistic about the sector's growth and investment opportunities, particularly due to China's interest in natural health products. The initial exports will be conducted via air, with future plans to consider more sustainable maritime logistics.
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Ecuador currently produces around 1,500 tons of cape gooseberry per year, its main destinations being the European Union, the United States, Canada and Central America. But now Ecuadorian exporters will be able to send their fruit to China. In this context, Dennis Brito, CEO and founder of Golden Sweet Spirit, spoke with to analyze the opening of the new market and the challenges that the industry faces to reach Chinese consumers with quality fruit and good condition. Brito explained that, once the trade agreement between Ecuador and China has been signed, fruit could now be sent with a small tariff, which will be reduced over time, and is between 5 and 8%. The CEO of Golden Sweet Spirit highlighted the great opportunity that this market presents, but also the challenges: “It is a giant market, but there are also great challenges.” In Brito's opinion, one of the challenges is being able to supply such a large demand from such a small country. “There we have to ...
Source: MXfruit
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