Record grape exports and growing demand for imported carrots in September 2022 results in Georgia

Published Dec 16, 2022

Tridge summary

The autumn of this year for fruit and vegetable trade participants in Georgia began with a new record in the export of grapes and an increase in demand for imported carrots. At the same time, exporters of pears and plums were unable to increase their trade volumes in September 2022, while the country still exported slightly more peaches than in the same month a year earlier.

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EF Trade Alerts. Serbia. Fruit The situation with fruit exports in Georgia in September of this year was mixed. Thus, despite the start of the table grape season with record high prices, Georgian exporters of these products were able to set a new record for their deliveries in September. Exports for the first month of this autumn exceeded 870 tons, and Russia and Armenia became two importers of Georgian table grapes, while the latter purchased only 9 tons of this product. If the export of grapes from Georgia was just beginning in September, then the peach supply season was just coming to an end. During the first month of autumn, Georgian exporters sold 1.7 thousand tons of peaches, i.e. almost a quarter more than last year. However, for the entire export season of 2022, the volume of peach sales from Georgia abroad was still less than last year (27.4 thousand tons against 31.4 thousand tons). Peaches, like grapes, were supplied mainly to the Russian market. Meanwhile, exports of ...
Source: Eastfruit
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