Egypt exported a record amount of potatoes to Southeast Asia in 2022

Updated Apr 6, 2023
By the end of 2022, Egypt exported a record volume of ware potatoes to the countries of Southeast Asia, according to EastFruit. Indonesia remained the main destination for the supply of these products, and exports more than doubled last year. In total, over the past year, Egypt sent over 17 thousand tons of potatoes to the countries of Southeast Asia, which exceeded the figure for 2021 by 120%, and compared to 2020, the volume of exports increased 18 times!
Indonesia remained the key destination for Egyptian exports, while deliveries to Malaysia declined sharply, and to other countries were completely negligible. As a result, Southeast Asia became the fourth largest market for Egyptian potatoes after Russia, the EU and the Gulf States last year. Interestingly, Egypt exported potatoes in this direction not only in the traditional months of deliveries (spring-summer), but also in October, and it was the October export that was able to provide a record figure for the entire year. It should be noted that Indonesia itself is the leading potato producer in the Southeast Asian region, but, despite this, it imports from 40 thousand to 80 thousand tons of potatoes annually. Moreover, in total, up to 450 thousand tons of fresh potatoes are supplied to the region of Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, etc.) from year to year, not to mention frozen french fries. Potato is not a key crop for consumption in this ...
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