Espírito Santo is the largest producer and exporter of ginger in Brazil; the expectation is 84 thousand tons in 2024

Published May 26, 2024

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Brazil's leading ginger producer, Espírito Santo, anticipates a record harvest of 84 thousand tons in 2024, with the harvest season starting in May. The state's municipalities of Santa Maria de Jetibá, Santa Leopoldina and Domingos Martins account for 90% of the ginger cultivation, supporting over 3,500 families. The industry has seen growth since its early days in the 1990s, with advancements in cultivation techniques and selection of seeds. Ginger from Espírito Santo is valued for its quality and size, competing against Chinese and Peruvian ginger. The state also exports to over 100 countries, with producers constantly innovating and improving techniques to ensure high-quality produce.
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Espírito Santo is the state in Brazil that produces and exports the most ginger in Brazil. May marks the beginning of the harvest, and the expectation this year is that production in 2024 will reach 84 thousand tons. Around 90% of the ginger planted in the state is in the municipalities of Santa Maria de Jetibá, Santa Leopoldina and Domingos Martins. 📲 Click here to follow the g1 ES channel on WhatsApp The root adapted well to the mountainous region. At first the culture arrived slowly, in the 90s, and today it is cultivated by more than 3,500 families. "We started with small production, today as here the majority are all families who are part of the ginger culture, so today we plant an average of 15, 18 and even 20 thousand kilos. We now have to get the best seeds, get some new areas of land, and in the end you avoid a lot of disease. In the end we always want to reach a point where we can also harvest good ginger and try to sell it at a fair market price", said the rural ...
Source: G1globo
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