Experts will analyze in Quito the global positioning of Ecuadorian cocoa and chocolate

Published May 26, 2024

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A summit aimed at discussing the positioning of Ecuadorian cocoa in global trends is scheduled to take place in Quito from May 30 to 31, 2024. The 'Cacao & Chocolate Summit' will concentrate on climate change's impact on cocoa cultivation, adaptation and mitigation measures, and the EU's Green Deal. The event will bring together experts, producers, manufacturers, and consumers to discuss the sustainability, quality, and regulation challenges in the cocoa and chocolate sector. Ecuador, the third-largest cocoa producer and exporter, will also explore the opportunities and adaptations in the cocoa value chain and the recognition of the quality of Ecuadorian cocoa.
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A group of experts will analyze in Quito the positioning of Ecuadorian cocoa in relation to global trends; in addition to climate change, its impact on cocoa cultivation, adaptation and mitigation measures, among other topics, within the framework of the Green Deal of the European Union (EU). The 'Cacao & Chocolate Summit' event will take place between May 30 and 31, 2024 at the University of the Americas (UDLA), in Quito. It is a space that brings together the entire value chain of fine cocoa and chocolate, and allows experts, producers, chocolate manufacturers, pastry chefs, NGOs, government and consumer representatives to propose, analyze and reflect on current issues and the most relevant needs of the sector. This, with the aim of creating a better, more sustainable future for everyone and continuing to offer better, fair and delicious chocolate to the world, indicated in a statement the Road to the Reactivation of Agri-Food Ecuador (CREA) project, co-financed by the EU. "This ...
Source: Primicias
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