Export of Lime Agriculture to Brunei

Updated Jul 22, 2020
Jakarta (AGRINA-ONLINE.COM). For the first time Petrokimia Gresik sold the Kapur Agriculture (Kaptan) Kebomas abroad, some time ago. Director of Petrochemical Gresik, Rahmad Pribadi, explained that the Kaptan Kebomas export was carried out to fulfill the intensification program of rice cultivation in Brunei Darussalam with a potential land area of 200 hectares. As is known, the Covid-19 pandemic which is a global epidemic struck almost all countries. So food security is a priority for each country to be fulfilled independently, bearing in mind that the exporting country of agricultural products is predicted to limit its supply. "For this reason, the agricultural intensification program is the most possible strategy currently undertaken by a number of countries to boost food crop productivity amid a pandemic," Rahmad said. Brunei Darussalam is a country on the north coast of the island of Kalimantan which has a part of its territory that contains peatlands. Kaptan Kebomas, Rahmad ...
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