Export record of onions from Netherlands

Published Oct 16, 2021

Tridge summary

The past season 2020/21 produced a new export record for Dutch onions. According to figures from KCB/GFH, a total of 1.21 million tons of onions (seed onions and second-year onion sets) were exported. The CBS/Eurostat gives an even higher figure, namely 1.51 million tons. The difference is mainly in the export to EU countries. Based on this figure, the Netherlands is the largest exporter. India is the number two with 1.4 million tons.

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Then China follows with 0.9 million tons and then Egypt and Mexico follow with more than 0.4 million tons. Jan-Kees Boon analyzed the world market for onions for the trade magazine Primeur. Small share of the world market The Dutch export is of course quite large, but with a worldwide production of more than 100 million tons of onions, which is produced on a more or less commercial scale, it is not much. As the world population grows, global demand will increase and the export record may well be broken again. If not this season then later. In total, international trade accounts for less than 10% of production. Globally, the cultivation of onions per country is strongly related to the population size. For example, China is the largest producer followed by India. These two superpowers together account for almost half of the total onion production. Other major growing countries are: the United States, Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Sudan, Bangladesh and Iran. Over the past decade, global ...
Source: Uiennieuws
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